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A.L.E.R.T. will come to your location to provide training.

Standard First Aid

Cost $140.00 + HST

This course will transform you from an observer

into someone who can

put their knowledge

of lifesaving skills

into practice...

Emergency First Aid

Cost $90.00 + HST

This course covers the essential skills required

to recognize and

respond to urgent and

life threatening


CPR Level A or C

Cost $45.00/$55.00 + HST

CPR A or C with AED is a course suitable for anyone who wishes to learn the necessary skills to save the life of a loved one, friend, coworker…


Cost $65.00 + HST

CPR for HCP with AED is an advanced level of CPR for health care providers. It covers all CPR Level C material plus additional skills...

Babysitting Course

Cost $65.00 + HST

This course is specifically designed to train those wishing to become

 confident, prepared

and knowledgeable


If your current First Aid or CPR certification is about to expire,

Contact Us Today

for recertification options.


Courses are offered at 4 Stevenson Street, Ancaster.  The classroom is clean and professional, with plenty of room for physical distancing.

Alternatively, every course we offer at A.L.E.R.T. can be provided at your location,

anywhere in the Greater Toronto-Hamilton, Brantford and Niagara area as a private group course. We provide all the materials and equipment necessary for your training.

  If booking an entire group, you may be eligible for a volume discount,

making your safety training more cost effective.

Out of respect for your time and our time, a 24 hour cancellation policy is in place.

With less than 24 hours notice, a $25.00 fee for booked training is due.



June 1, 2023  3 pm

Standard First Aid - C Blended - Hamilton, ON --- Private

June 2, 2023  9 am

BLS (CPR-HCP) Renewal Course - Ancaster, ON

June 5, 2023  9 am

BLS (CPR-HCP) Renewal Course - Ancaster, ON

June 7, 2023  9 am

BLS (CPR-HCP) Course - Ancaster, ON

June 7, 2023  1:30 pm

BLS (CPR-HCP) Renewal Course - Ancaster, ON --- Private

June 9, 2023  9 am

BLS (CPR-HCP) Renewal Course - Ancaster, ON

June 13, 2023  9 am

BLS (CPR-HCP) Renewal Course - Ancaster, ON

June 15, 2023  9 am

BLS (CPR-HCP) Renewal Course - Ancaster, ON

July 19, 2023  11 am

BLS (CPR-HCP) Course - Burlington, ON --- Private

August 14, 2023  4 pm

BLS (CPR_HCP) Course - Brantford, ON --- Private

August 23, 2023  9 am

Emergency First Aid - C - Paris, ON --- Private



"...he said........she said..."

'Informative and approachable...'                                                                    Chris, Warehouse Manager

' I left the course feeling confident in my training... '                                 Amy, Production Assistant

'Great class,  time flew by...'                                                                                            Shynise, Bus Driver

'The most informative CPR course I have ever had...'                           Melissa, Dental Hygienist

'Hands-on practice makes it real...'                                                                                  Ted, Chiropractor

'A wonderful experience...'                                                                                        Reet, Registered Nurse

'Great instruction and efficient use of time...'                                                     Meghan, Physiotherapist



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